Invest in Impact.

At Audacious, we began with a conviction that a purpose-driven approach to investing was the best approach to investing. We believed that purpose and profit were not mutually exclusive and independent outcomes. We believed that a socially conscious approach to investing could not only coexist with profits, it could drive them forward.

Invest in Inspiration.

When it comes to investing for impact, inspiration is critical. At Audacious Capital, we seek the inspiring—the extraordinary companies doing revolutionary work in transformative ways.

Invest in Ideas.

When it comes to investing for impact, ideas take center stage. At Audacious Capital, we seek the curious—the extraordinary companies doing revolutionary work in transformative ways.

About Audacious Capital

About Audacious Capital

We’re an intelligence and investment advisory platform with nuanced knowledge and unbridled passion for the organizations we support.

We created a platform designed to empower bold new innovators in healthcare and technology. A fund that was firmly committed to seeking and investing in the types of organizations that benefit lives and leave a positive mark. But we knew that this mindset alone wouldn’t be enough.

Equally important as our desire to invest purposefully was our commitment to do so in a financially informed and intelligent way. We understand the importance of the bottom line to our investors and partners, and we are bound by fiduciary responsibilities that matter; noble intentions would be meaningless if they weren’t backed up by consistently solid returns.

Audacious Capital


In the span of a few short years, we’ve grown from an idea into a formidable portfolio of organizations and funds.

From sparking local, new innovators in healthcare to helping support businesses on the other side of the planet, our investments are profoundly benefiting the lives of many – all while producing exceptional risk-adjusted returns.


Socially Determined

Socially Determined is creating impact by helping insurance companies and other healthcare organizations to assess and address social risk - to improve public health.

Audacious Capital

Real Time Medical Systems

Real Time Medical Systems is creating impact by enabling better post acute care delivery through interventional analytics.



ShiftMed is creating impact by empowering nurses. Shiftmed has rapidly become the nation’s leading marketplace for home care and healthcare shift workers.


Audacious Inquiry

Audacious Inquiry, now part of PointClickCare, is creating impact by connecting health plans, hospitals, and clinicians to facilitate coordinated care delivery on extraordinary scale.

Audacious Capital

Alterwood Health

Alterwood Health is creating impact by efficiently managing healthcare for Medicare and Medicaid patients in Delaware and Maryland.


Frist Cressey Ventures

Frist Cressey is creating impact by accelerating the growth of high-potential companies changing the face of healthcare.


Unitus Capital

Unitus Capital is creating impact by facilitating access to capital for impactful businesses in India.

Audacious Capital

Idea Farm Ventures

Idea Farm Ventures is creating impact by incubating and accelerating extraordinary new consumer businesses.


Continental Realty

Continental Realty Corporation is creating impact by investing in commercial properties in the across the southeastern US; led by the founder of Baltimore Homecoming.



What guides us at audacious?

At Audacious, we are oriented by four operating principles—individually, they are  important, but together they define what we value and how we invest.

Seek the extraordinary.

We seek to invest in extraordinary companies doing transformative work. Our investment portfolio is defined by companies we believe in—companies creating impact at scale.

Embrace our knowledge.

Second, we focus on our differentiated investments on partners in healthcare and technology because we understand these areas exceptionally well and we have an informed and intimate understanding of the needs and complexities of stakeholders. Our founders built and grew one of the most successful technology companies in Baltimore history. We understood what prospective partners needed, and we knew our deep industry experience could help drive the missions of others forward.

Remain relentlessly disciplined.

Third, we embraced a thoughtful and smart approach to investing and managing risk. We’re careful about how we invest, and we are guided by the trust and success of our partners and advisors. A disciplined mentality has helped us outperform the market relative to the risk we’ve taken.

Think beyond the checkbook.

Finally, we chose to focus on people and relationships above all. As business leaders, we learned early-on that trust and reputation is everything. Audacious is built around an extensive network of extraordinary people. We partner with those we believe in and our partners believe in us. We are not simply a checkbook and nobody here will ever be a number on a spreadsheet. Investing will always be personal to us.

Audacious Capital


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